Wrangler Jeep with 3.6 Liter Engine

Wrangler Jeep and Wrangler Unlimited
When announcing the sale until the third quarter, Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne leaking information about the Wrangler Jeep and Wrangler Unlimited. He said, in 2012, both models use a new engine capacity of 3.6 L V6 “Pentastar”.

New Dodge sedan he is also in development. His form refers to the hatchback, Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Back to the new engine, V6 Pentastar debut on the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011. Gradually, the heart pacemaker will also is applied to the Dodge Charger and Grand Caravan.
Pentastar-powered 283 PS was chosen to answer the criticism or consumer complaints about the old engine. This was mainly related to the less malignant force, only 202 PS, but its capacity 3.8 L V6 and configured. A similar complaint brought against it earlier machines which, although a capacity of 4.0 L, but only 180 PS power.
Besides the engine, interior quality was already experiencing improvements. Not only on models 2011, improvements are also applicable to the model 2012. This is for example the instrument panel and center console in a completely new and a more ergonomic dashboard design using quality materials.
Leather seats and three-wheel design bars. There are controls on the steering wheel audio, cruise control and Bluetooth buttons. Anyway, more luxurious interior.
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