War Jeep So “Hot Rod” (War Jeep Modification)

Usually, by the owner jeep made into high, in addition to a more dashing and to conquer the non-asphalt road. But different things done by Randy, a jeep fan who has a Jeep “Willys” CJ-2A in 1945 just short contrived a hot rod. “This is what will be done off-road jeep enthusiasts as they also like hot rod,” said Randy.
What has made Randy and his team in fact had never imagined. Because the hot rod enthusiasts will not vote Willys body to be modified. Conversely, jeep enthusiasts would pair the tall suspension so the car was good at the time silt up.

Randy also meet two conditions true hot rod vehicles. First, the car has the original parts factory default. Second, the modifiers have the tricks so that the budget could be trimmed.

Chassis. This section is custom built from pieces of iron 2 inch x 3 inches with a wall thickness of 0.120 inch. Then, some parts were taken from the Chevrolet Pick Up 1977. There Knuckle, spindles, hubs, and rotors are then fastened to the front swing arm homemade. Meanwhile, a mixture of iron axle tube diameter of 2 inches thickness 0.250 inch plate steel and 3 / 8 inch.

How can this be fixed seceper jeep road? There are four air bags that serves to raise the front sokbreker (GS) and rear (Rancho), so the chassis is 5-7 inches from the ground remain safe while bulldoze landless field. If modified cepar on sedans, many use a water suspension to raise the car body. Randy is owner of Randy Ellis Design uses air compressor made in China (he did not mention the brand and it says the price is economical, but the results are pretty) to operate the air bag.

Body. Although the original look, the back (bak) jeep was actually from fiber glass. Rebuild compressor is needed so that the device, as embedded in the center, and other devices can be loaded on it. However, the framework is still the original windshield, only it is cut in order to reinforce the impression of flat.

Total pieces of the windshield frame is 9 inches. As many as 4 inches of iron bottom and 5 inches from the glass. To maintain the impression of “Willys”, the glass can still diliukkan upward.

Machine. Foreign allowed vintage, but the content remains the engine support. In a development that takes 5 weeks, pinned Randy 350 Chevy engine V-8 with 3-speed automatic transmission. On wheels with 15 x 8 alloy wheels wrapped in tires Pro Comp 31 x 10 General Grabber MT 50R15, Jeep CJ-2A owned by Randy still can “roll” with a speed of 110 km per hour more.

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