VW Up Blue E-motion

VW Up Blue E-motion – Volkswagen is reportedly set to immediately produce the final data efficient cars, blue Up e-motion. VW’s Up is a small car – a prototype was introduced in 2009 – with fuel consumption claim of 40.3 km / liter (KPL).

The news reported by Autocar UK who claims to obtain an internal source leaked from VW. Explained, cars will use a machine XL1 – VW’s latest prototype efficient cars on display at the Qatar Motor Show towards the end of January.
He further, Up will use 2-cylinder TDI engine, 800 cc 47 PS-powered, assisted by an electric motor 26 PS. Engine block is made of aluminum with a wall of plasma-coated cylinder. This machine is equipped with sophisticated balancer shaft to smooth the spin machine. To move the power of the engine and electric motor used in the transmission 7-speed double clutch.
VW Blue Up e-motion will not rely on batteries as its main energy source. The battery is only used to rotate the electric motor when the car is stationary or the way of helping the car accelerates.
To make it more efficient, regenerative brake technology is added to convert kinetic energy into electricity plus a new feature called “pulse starting”, stop-start system that works more smoothly. As a result, when the electric motor spinning – when the main engine off – start the engine working again, the driver did not know it.
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