VW Super Efficient Vehicle (SEV) XL1

VW Super Efficient Vehicle (SEV) XL1 – Volkswagen AG introduced the super-efficient concept car called the Super Efficient Vehicle (SEV) XL1, not at the auto show in Detroit (United States) or in Geneva (Switzerland), as the mecca of the world automotive industry, but in the international exhibition inaugural United Arab Emirates, Qatar Motor Show 2011.

XL1 is a result of the development of the two previous models. The first model was made in 2002 called the 1-Litre diesel engine with a power capacity of 300 cc of 8.5 PS. Dimension is also much smaller, such as length of 3470 mm 318 mm shorter than XL1.
The second model, followed in 2009 by the name of L1. The form is still similar, just longer to 3813 mm, width of 1,200 mm but still lost the same 1-Litre of 1.250mm. The technology is different, this one carrying the hybrid plug-ins. So, diesel engine capacity of 800 cc (39PS) combined with an electric motor 10 kW.
While the third generation is called the XL1, stick with 800cc two-cylinder diesel engine-powered TDI 48 PS and hybrid plug-ins. Only electric motors 20KW (27PS). Called super-efficient because the fuel consumption of 0.9 liters to a distance of 100 km or 1 liter to 111.1 km.
In terms of dimensions, most bongsor XL1 (3,888 x 1665 x 1.156mm) with scissor doors (gullwing). Cars equipped with limiting velocity (speed limter) 159.3 km (99 mph). Acceleration 0-100 km / h reached in 11.9 seconds. Then, the electric motor can only dibesut to 35 km per hour.
VW claims will not be mass produced XL1 and still keep it as an experimental model. But, really the technology that brought XL1 not very recent, and very probably mass produced. We’ll see next steps!
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