VW Golf Blue-e-motion (Electric-Powered)

VW Golf Blue-e-motion (Electric-Powered) – Manufacturer Volkswagen AG, reckless enter “tiger cage” automotive industry, namely Japan, relying on the Polo hatchback that has been crowned as the best car of 2010. Only, Polo offered no gasoline engine, electric-powered but they call Golf Blue-e-motion. Launch planned for the next three years or in 2014.

Gerry Dorizas, President and Chief Executive Officer of Volkswagen of Japan, said, in addition to electricity Golf, VW was preparing a city car E-Up! who also have a power source nonbensin. Demand for environmentally friendly cars in the State Sakura makes VW’s need to maneuver a new marketing strategy.
“VW attempt to anticipate the passenger vehicle market predictions (Passanger car) powered hybrid this year reached 14 percent of the total market,”explained Doriaz.
Principals from Germany continued to pursue his goal as the largest carmaker in the world to shift the dominance of Toyota and General Motors in 2018. Go to the environmentally friendly car segment must be done by VW considering market trends slowly toward eco life.
VW, continued Doriaz, attempt to offer the Golf Blue-e-motion and E-Up! with prices as competitive as possible. The reason, VW Touareg hybrids have been launched into the Japanese market, January 2011, but because the price is too high, at 8.98 million yen (USD 942.8 million) per unit, the marketing was less successful.
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