VW 1.4 TSI Engine, Awarded “Engine of The Year”

VW 1.4 TSI Engine, Awarded “Engine of The Year” – German car giant Volkswagen was awarded the “Engine of the Year Award” for the 1.4 TSI engine in the category of engine capacity of 1.0 to 1.4 Liter. This achievement for the sixth time disabet VW consecutive and Dr. Hermann Middendorf from Volkswagen Petrol Engine Development, received the award.

Principle twincharger machine that combines a turbocharger and supercharger makes it has the advantage. Because, the heart pacemaker is capable of producing 1.4 Liter higher torque and fuel consumption is very efficient, as well as exhaust emissions are produced.

The jurors numbered 65 people from 32 countries was impressed with TSI engines are not only recorded outstanding results for fuel efficiency gasoline engine (petrol), but also able to work perfectly for fuel gas (Eco Fuel). They give an assessment based on the parameters: driveability, noise levels, smooth running, and fuel economy.

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