Volvo Car Air Motion, More Light Than F1 Car

Today many manufacturers competing to make environmentally friendly cars as well as powerful. Many tried and electrical machinery machines widely regarded as the kitchen spur future. But for Volvo, there is a more promising effort that is, the wind!

Volvo in carpet Los Angeles Auto Show tried to compete in a contest to design a concept car called the Volvo Water Motion. As the name implies, Volvo Air Motion relies on wind as a fuel booster. The wind changed Volvo Air Motion in a storage tank.

The air is able to provide enough energy to make the Volvo sped Air Motion. Torque of 1,000 lb-ft also appeared to be generated from fuel that does not have to buy this.

Wind in the storage tank is converted into electricity through a turbine evolutionary. Thus, in addition to powerful, this car was certainly also friendly to the environment because it only produces very little emissions.

With that ability, Volvo Air Motion was believed to be a real picture of a racing car of the future.

In addition, Volvo Air Motion also has ultra-lightweight body with the application of carbon fiber body. The materials applied in the chassis, suspension and interior was changed from heavy materials to lightweight materials.

That way, the body weight of the Swedish car is just 453 kg or lighter than a Formula One car racing.

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