Used Car Prices : Cars with Hybrid and Diesel Fueled More Expensive than Gasoline Fueled

One of the main factors that determine the choice when buying a car-in general-is used or after-sales prices are high. Criteria were found in all countries in the world. The problem is, how a brand or model can have post-sale price is more expensive or stay high?

That is under study by Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Last week, the college said, post-sale price of hybrid cars and diesel higher than gasoline-fueled cars. Well, how come? Does this mean there is a change in trend in the United States?

Researchers from CMU comparing the same car (or almost equal) with a different machine. The cars include the VW Jetta TDI with the Jetta 5C and 4C, the Toyota Prius with gasoline Camry, Honda Civic hybrid with the gasoline Civic, Mercedes-Benz E320 E350 diesel with gasoline.

Another aspect of note is the new price of hybrid cars and diesel, are on average more expensive than gasoline-fueled vehicles. Outside it was found that during three years of use, the operational cost of hybrid cars and diesel is much more economical. After that, when the cars had been sold again, the highest price are owned VW Jetta TDI and Toyota Prius.

Diesel engine. The study was sponsored by Bosch, a company in the world’s largest supplier of components for diesel engine components. Research conducted by the Tepper School of Business CMU. Other data used is the auction price by Manheim Auction for three-year-old car.

Bosch research objective is to obtain third-party validation that the diesel-engined cars can be considered to be a smart consumer choice.

Confirmed also that the resale price of hybrid cars, like the Prius, is very high when oil prices soar, or the more expensive, especially in 2008. Some degree, when oil prices fell in 2009, used car prices had also come down.

Earlier this year, petrol and diesel prices rose again. Even the increase will occur in the coming years. The greater the chance of the Prius again. So, naturally if the Toyota Prius continues to multiply variants. In fact, other manufacturers are also aggressively making hybrid cars, including the luxury segment. All of that to anticipate the price of fuel is increasingly expensive.

So, yes Indonesian consumers choose what to anticipate fuel prices are getting expensive? Yes a fuel efficient and can fit a lot!

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