Transition Roadable Aircraft (TRA), USA Flying Cars

Transition Roadable Aircraft (TRA), USA Flying Cars – United States now has a transition roadable aircraft (TRA), a vehicle that can walk in two worlds, land and air, creation Terrafugia Transition. Flying car has been around since 2006, but the manufacturer took years to convince the authorities will airworthiness and safety to get permission.

In 2009, TRA received the green light to do the maiden flight. While permission to drive on the street (on the road) has bagged now issued by the Institute of Highway Safety and Traffic (National National Highway Traffic Safety Administration / NHTSA).

The permit was mentioned, Terrafugia got some special dispensation by various considerations. For example, the TRA may use this type of tire is heavier than normal weights. Then, the glass must be specially coated to safety when a collision or hit by a bird. However, the TRA using polycarbonate (plastic).

The existence of exceptions, according to NHTSA to insidelane, because the flying car is still within the scope of public interest and consistency maintaining traffic safety.

Although flightless, the TRA should follow the procedures as the aircraft, ie if you want to take-off must be from the airport.
In terms of performance, the TRA is claimed to be able to fly as far as 700 kilometers with a speed of 175 km / hour. When on the road, this car can be driven with a speed of 110 km / hour. He could park the car as usual. In addition, TRA has the ability to fold the wings in just 30 seconds, like a convertible car.
With this license pocket, then opened the way TRA to begin shipping 100 units are already booked customers. A flying car priced at 250,000 U.S. dollars.
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