Toyota Tundra Pick-up : Special Car for Animals Hunting

Toyota in the exhibition Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show off a car for the hunter. Like what cars look like this hunter? Americans Toyota who try to offer the concept. The goal for hunters more flexibility when hunting in the forest.

Toyota add a tiny house at the top, which is reinforced with pillars to support the weight hunter. With these houses, hunters looking to maximize their prey. The top of the car also features a terrace that can contain 2 seats.

The back was there space to store the gas tank. In order to maximize the working hunter, hunter Tundra Pick-up also features the latest GPS receiver that can monitor the weather.

To note, Toyota Tundra Pick-up that brings the engine capacity of 5700 cc V8. Toyota does not change the chassis of the car, Japanese manufacturers were just using the space behind the car.

Not clear how the price of a Toyota Tundra Pick-ups.. However, if you’re a hunter, has one unit of the car is enough to help you in times of running a hobby.

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