Toyota Selects Wireless Battery Charging Technology

Toyota Selects Wireless Battery Charging Technology. Toyota Motor Corporation today announced it will collaborate with WiTricity Corporation, a company from Massachusetts, United States, to accelerate or promote the use of injection systems (cas) wireless battery (wireless) for the car. WiTricity is known as a company with expertise in the field of wireless battery charging technology resonance.

According to Toyota, WiTricity system without direct contact is considered more efficient and effective compared with an electromagnetic induction system, other wireless technologies are still using the contacts and so far has been used for mobile phones and other charging systems.
Added, WiTricity wireless charging system is suitable for cars. The reason is more practical and easy to use: just to park the car and can be installed in garages or public parking lot.
Toyota’s decision to use this technology is based on “Toyota’s Global Vision”, brings together technology, automobiles, homes, and information. Filling in the wireless just one of several technologies that coveted Toyota to meet the future, namely to multiply the production of electric car plug-ins hibirida!
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