Toyota : Prius HV versus Prius PHV

Beginning next year, Toyota Prius adds a new variant that has been intensively introduced since 2009, the version Plug-ins or plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHV). Already many know, the Prius PHV batteries can be charged by plugging the plug into the electrical outlet at home.

Current version (of course become conventional), ie non-hybrid plug-in called hybrid vehicle (VHV), the batteries can not condition by using electrical energy from the home. So, there will be marketed later battle between the Prius PHV with the Prius HV.


The main difference is the Prius PHV with HV battery. Prius HV batteries Nicke Metal Hydride (NiMH), while PHV, lithium-ion (li-on). Prices and sizes of different batteries. So is how to handle. NiMH up to 75 percent cheaper than the li-ion batteries that are large.

Prius PHV uses three li-ion battery pack. As a result, the weight of this car reaches 1520 kg or 136 kg heavier than HV only 1384 kg.

Batteries are located under the rear seat and spare tire (1.75 kWh respectively) in charge of the Prius to be “pure electric cars.” Two batteries are tasked to supply energy to electric motors in sequence until the end of 80 percent.

After that, PHV works as HV and assisted by a third battery (Toyota actually menyebutkanya third battery.) This last task to save battery power generated from braking (regenerative) and then rotate the electric motor is used as the car accelerates. Mainly when a car driven by a gasoline engine.

Because lithium-ion battery can be charged by the electric house, means the cost of gasoline for the Prius PHV betrkurang. Based on the calculation Toyota Prius PHV Maximum working on EV mode per year is about 5600-6400 km. The distance that much, the equivalent petrol spend 265-303 liters in the Prius HV or who are still using NiMH batteries.

In conclusion, the savings (reduction in purchasing costs of gasoline) per year, according to Automotive Engineering International (AEI) is given the opportunity to test the Prius PHV last month, only 110 U.S. dollars. It is not yet include the cost of electricity.

The question is whether the added value, consumers want to buy a Prius PHV bekorban at much more expensive? Based on these analysis, the AEI concluded, consumers will still prefer the conventional Prius Gen-3 sold ranging from 22,800 dollars and 28,070 dollars the most expensive.

Another factor, Prius NiMh batteries made by Panasonic, total production had reached 2 million units. This factor also been suggested that one could compete with the Prius hybrid Honda and Volkswagen TDI.


Now this, again testing the 500 units Toyota Prius PHV in Japan, Europe and the United States. One of them tried by the AEI. Described, for engines and electric motors are no different from the conventional Prius Gen-3, both 1.8-liter gasoline engine and electric motor.

In EV mode (battery fully charged), the Prius PHV can be driven only to a distance of 19-21 km (Toyota claims 23.4 km) with the heater turned off. If the heater is turned on at 20 degrees centigrade, the distance of only 18.3 km (temperature outside of minus 6 degrees Celsius).

On the highway, EV mode can speed up 100 km. Above 100 km / h, the Prius returns to the HV. The same thing happens when the battery runs out of energy. Meanwhile, claims Toyota, Prius PHV gasoline consumption is only 30.6 km / liter. The time depends dibutuhkanmengisi battery voltage: 100 volts, 180 minutes and 200 volts, only 100 minutes.

Moreover, to cool the battery used Prius PHV three fan that is controlled through 42 sensors to monitor the temperature of the battery cell. These additional obvious cause makes the price more expensive. As a result, so consumers are not confused, Toyota offers two options: Prius with package HV berbaterai PHV with NiMH or lithium-ion batteries.

Since HV is still competitive, Toyota also has ready to market versions of the minivan, followed by sub-compact-prototype on display early last month at the Detroit Auto Show 2011 – the Prius C.

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