Toyota Hilux Turbo Diesel 2.5L VNT

Toyota Hilux Turbo Diesel 2.5L VNT – Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) has finally launched the new Hilux in Menteng, Central Jakarta, July 13, 2011. In addition to experiencing refreshing design, the mainstay of the Toyota pickup is also equipped with new engines. Johnny Darmawan, President Director of TAM said the presence of New Hilux to answer market demand particularly in the commercial segment.

View changes made on the grille and headlamps new model. Hood is more symmetrical with the airways (airscoop) right in the middle. Other changes include the front wheel fenders, wheel design, rear-view mirror with turn signal and rear lights.

Special interior, only the steering wheel is turned. Now equipped with buttons for audio control. “This is the first in-class wheel pickup equipped with a button,” said Johnny Darmawan.

Prominent changes actually performed on diesel engines. If you previously used the 3.0 liter diesel engine, is now changed to 2.5 Common Rail Turbo Intercooler VN (VTN). This machine is also used for a single cabin variants. As for the double cabin keep using the new diesel engine.

“Indeed, we lower the engine capacity and power to be influential on the decrease from the previous 144 PS 163 PS. Torque remains the same 35 kg-m and remain competitive because there is still above the competitor,” said Joko Trisanyoto, Marketing Director of TAM on the sidelines of the launch, today . Joko continue, the results of testing of TAM, the level of fuel consumption is better to be 15.31 km per liter, 16 percent more efficient than previous models 11, 84 km per liter.

If summarized, the Toyota Hilux New markets in five models, three single cabins and two double cabins.

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