Toyota Camry, Most American Car

Toyota Camry, Most American Car – Three giant American car manufacturers, namely General Motors, Ford and Chrysler may be “hurt” because of the Toyota Camry cars most American branded version of This is for the third time in a row midsize sedan that carry it with assessment seen from the level of local content and sales.

Camry was the top position of a total of 10 best cars in the U.S. because of high local content has reached 75 percent. “Camry is still the most popular car, the best selling, and absorb a lot of labor in the U.S.. All this to be contributors to the ranking of Toyota,” said Patrick Olsen, editor.
In the second place, the Honda Accord followed by the Chevrolet Malibu (3), Ford Explorer (4), Honda’s Odyssey (5), Toyota Sienna (6), Jeep Wrangler (7), the Chevy Traverse (8), pickup Tundra (9) and the GMC Acadia (10). Toyota and GM are both collected three models on the list of 10 best cars in the U.S..
“Although natural disasters in Japan and Toyota to overtake GM as soon as the world’s largest car manufacturer, we were not surprised to see the achievements of the Camry so another position, he remains the most popular car here (USA)” explains Olsen.
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