Toyota All-New Yaris 2012

Toyota All-New Yaris 2012 – Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) introduced the All-New 2012 Yaris or Yaris that will be marketed in North America. For Europe itself was introduced last month. For the North American market, introduced two models, namely the Yaris with 5 and 3 doors each with variants (based on level), L (standard), LE (medium), and SE (Sport).

According to this 2012 Yaris 75mm more than the current version, while the height of the roof is lowered 15 mm. Interior also re-designed so as to produce a more spacious luggage space. In fact, for the 5-door version, the volume of the trunk space grow 68 percent compared to the Yaris being marketed right now today. Space for passengers is also becoming more relieved.

Meters in the Middle

To make the interior quieter, Toyota reported using a better fabric material with better insulation. The basic ingredients of the dashboard has been replaced and now it feels tender when touched.

Remains the most three-wheel with a larger grip plus silver ornaments in the fingers. The underside of the steering wheel is more flat so they no longer obstruct the driver’s knees. It is said that the new design was adopted from racing cars.

No less interesting, the Yaris 2012 no longer use the combination meter in the middle of the dashboard, but has been moved to the front of the driver (conventional model). Changes were made because many consumers do not like the instrument panel in the middle, including in Indonesia.

Instruments are not only equipped with twin tripmeter and clock, as well as the temperature outside, the information of fuel consumption, average speed, and indicators of Eco-Driving.

For type L, folding rear seat backrest in one section. Whereas the LE and SE are divided 60/40. Luggage space is extended 145 mm and 53 mm wider.


For the engine, fixed-capacity 1.5-liter, 16 valve, DOHC four-cylinder with VVT-i with the same abilities as the machines used today. Yaris engine is marketed in the United States produces PS@6.000 106 rpm (109 PS version of Indonesia) and torque of 14.2 kgm@4.200 rpm (14.4 kgm Indonesia) which was considered quite competitive.

Further, 4-speed automatic transmission with a new lighter, so fuel consumption is also more economical. As for type L and SE are offered with 5-speed manual transmission. Version of the sport, the diameter of the tire and wheel changed from 15 to 16 so it look more stylish. This variant is only for 5-door model.

Price of All New Yaris 2011

In the United States, the Yaris three-door priced starting from U.S. $ 14,115 with 5-speed automatic transmission, while the five-door SE 17 200 dollars for 4-speed automatic transmission, is the most expensive level.

To Asean has been no word when the Yaris 2012 will be introduced and marketed for sure. However, it is quite interesting is the expression of the CEO Auto2000, Jodjana Jody, some time ago. “I am sure, will the Yaris will be number one in Indonesia to beat its competitors today. His appearance is more attractive, “he explained without mention All-New Yaris

Currently, in the compact segment of the medium, the Yaris is still under the shadow of the Honda Jazz. However, the difference is very thin. During 2011, Honda Jazz report on retail sales have reached 11,358 units, while the Yaris 10 675 units.

In this segment pretty much brand with a market share battle is not so great. Medium compact hatchback only gain category share of 10.6 percent for passenger vehicles or 7.4 per cent for all types of vehicles sold in Indonesia during 2011.

Brands that compete in this segment is the Chevrolet Aveo, Daihatsu Sirion, Ford Fiesta, MK2 Geely, Honda Jazz, Hyundai Grand Avega, Hyundai i20, Kia Pride, Mazda2, Nissan Livina 1.5, Nissan X-Gear 1.5, Peugeot 206, Proto Gen2, Proton Neo, Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Sx-4, and the VW Polo.

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