Tire Without Wind from Bridgestone

Tire Without Wind from Bridgestone – Bridgestone has shown to the public without the wind conveyor technology successfully developed recently. Airless tire that has been shown since the event last Tokyo Motor Show 2011.

Structure of the tire with no wind, much different than the conventional version, especially the walls. In the tire without wind, the walls consist of the radius that connects the palm to the lip attached to the rim.

The radius is designed in such a way similar to, the radius of the curved or arranged at an angle of 45 degrees when viewed from the center of the tire and is made of thermoplastic resins which can be recycled 100 percent.

With this, you no longer need a spare tire. In addition, also no longer need to worry when the tire deflated. Further, the radius of the tire wall is made of thermoplastic resins which can be recycled 100 percent.

In the version on display at the TMS 2011, the tire is used on small vehicles and one passenger 9 inches in diameter. Described, this time the tire is still a test phase and will be evaluated on a regular car.

Actually, this is not the first time developed a tire with no wind. Michelin tires also showed no agin technology called Tweel and won a gold medal for innovation in technology.

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