TGMY EV Himiko : Classic Car with Modern Skill

Seeing that he looks like a classic car may be a lot of people will kecele. Because although bodied style of ancient car, this car was already carrying the latest technology.
It’s nothing. For a car named the EV Himiko TGMY this turns out to be an electric motor that can run up to 550 kilometers with just one recharge. Ability TGMY Himiko EV is practically equivalent to or even exceeds the electric cars from major manufacturers available.

Cars on display on the 2nd & HEV EV Drive System Technology Expo is itself based on Himiko car from Mitsuoka Motors. This car is 168 cells in the lithium polymer battery which in the end be able to make these cars can travel much like a car with an internal combustion engine.
“Each box contains 21 cells. Usually, there are 7 or 8 cells per-pack. But we have to save space by stacking them. When we consider how to make battery packs secure, lightweight, and strong, we came up with it,” wrote TGMY in a statement.
“We’ve spent a long time to reduce the resistance of running a car, and improve the performance of energy per unit. So now, we use it to fine-tune the progress of the car. We have reached the stage where the range of 500 km are realistic,” they added more.
TGMY itself has begun to produce an electric car since 13 years ago. At that time they could just make a car with a range of 150 kilometers of use made of lead-acid batteries.
“Our car since 13 years ago are still running but the battery capacity only sepert-fourth of the car (now), and only run 150 km. We think four times the battery will be able to give us a car with a range of 600 km. But they make a new car become more severe, so we just thought to run 550 km, “he explained.
“In addition, a record (electric cars), Tesla is 501 km, so if we can be 6502 km course it is good. Manufacturers always need a kind of destination, 502 km are not ambitious enough while 600 km of over-ambitious. So the most realistic goal is 550 km, “he said.
New plan in this second half of 2011 EV TGMY Himikob will enter production kitchen. However, detailed specifications and prices for their version of mass production has not been decided.
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