Temporary Auto Pilot, Driving Without a Hand in the Wheel

Temporary Auto Pilot, Driving Without a Hand in the Wheel – Traffic jams are getting worse causing the driver often so cranky. Because the situation facing always the same or monotonous. If left unchecked, let alone stress is also higher, potentially causing an accident!

The condition is exactly what is anticipated the automotive experts and European car manufacturers. In cooperation with HAVEit ((Highly Automated Vehicles for Intelligent Transport), research institute funded by the European Union, is developing a system called “Temporary Auto Pilot” (TAP). Yes, a car drove by the driver do not need to hold or control the steering wheel! Nevertheless , the driver is still expected to pay attention to conditions in the vicinity, especially at the front and side of his car.
According to Prof.. Dr. Jürgen Leohold, Executive Director of Volkswagen Group Research (one of the cars that participated in the development), TAP is actually directed to prevent boredom driver, either while it is facing severe congestion as well as when cruising down the interstate.
With TAP, cars that use it will follow a vehicle that slid in front of him. Including accelerating rate, deceleration (slowing down) when it will turn and so on. Further, this tool can work up to a speed of 130 km / hour.
Actually, this concept is not new. Previously existing tool to control the speed of the car called the cruise control (moving at constant speed) or a more sophisticated adaptive cruise control. The latest version, it can set the speed, fast or slow based on the vehicle in front.
But TAP, according to Prof.. Dr. Jürgen Leohold, TAP is a tool for the transition towards fully automatic driving system. The system is a combination of Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Assist.
By activating the “Pilot Mode”, the car will go to a safe distance from vehicles ahead. Admittedly, the system is not perfect, but it is expected to reduce accidents.
The advantage, compared with an automatic driver system developed by Google and Audi – monitoring components are used, the sensors are mass produced. Distance and environmental monitoring components used include cameras, ultrasonic sensors, lasers for switching and electronic horizon. With this addition, TAP can be used Leohold sure in the near future!
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