Supercar Porsche 918 Spyder

After some time ago a German automobile manufacturer, Porsche, plans to incorporate the new model 918 Spyder into the production process. When goods are manufactured, the 918 Spyder of the Porsche product will become the most expensive with a price of USD 845,000.

Today, Porsche is also rumored to be making a new car. The plan, the said car will be positioned as a competitor of Ferrari 458 Italian and McLaren MP4-12C.

But the passage of the plan, still must wait for decision of the parent company, Volkswagen. “We are looking for ways to expand our product range,” said head of Porsche Mathias Muller. “We had an idea to create another model, the middle-engine products,” he continued.

Mathias also said that the car would fill the gap between model 911 and 918 Spyder. With over 911 positions but remain below the 918 Spyder.

“We have an idea of ​​styling and design, we will continue to develop in the coming months. We also will evaluate the economic side and then decide whether the car (new) is feasible to produce, “says Mathias.

If so constructed, the new model will be offered in two versions of the body, namely coupe and roadster. For the price itself, will likely be in the range of USD 275 000.

From the news circulated, this new car will use a body made of reinforced plastic and carbon fiber. Porsche assume that this is done to get the light weight.

“For power sources, artificial supercar Porsche should have the power to the range of 550-600 HP to be able to compete with Ferrari and McLaren supercar population,” wrote the page Topspeed.

As an illustration, the Ferrari 458 Italy has a power of 570 HP which comes from the 4499 cc V8 engine. McLaren MP4-12C own use 3800 cc engine twin-turbo V8 that could provide power up to 592hp and 443 lb-ft of torque.

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