Small Chrysler Jeep

new SUV models
Chrysler Group is preparing a new SUV models to target the lower segment with small dimensions (supermini-sized.) Chief Executive Officer of the Jeep, Mike Manley, as reported by Autocar today, said, “There is a niche market between the Jeep and SUV segment-B. We’re working on a project to market. I hope materialized in 2013.”

Later, this supermini Jeep will compete with Nissan Juke, Mini Cooper and Audi A1 already dimuncul to the public. Manley sure, this latest product retains the character of Wrangler, the macho, powerful and strong with a shape like a crossover hatchback.

“Just imagine a Wrangler with a softer appearance and fresh, from the headlamps and grille. If that’s you can imagine, are drawn like the face of the new product,”said Manley. With this new product, Jeep hopes to expand the market so far dominated by mature age consumers and young people.

Reportedly, as a source of Chrysler and Fiat to provide some alternative sources of energy, namely 1.3 liter engine, 1.6 liter and 1.4 liter diesel JTM MultiAir gasoline. Further, the basic vehicle was developed from the Fiat Grande Punto with a system of front wheel movement. However, for certain markets prepared version of the 4×4 or all-wheel drive (AWD) specifically made for off-road enthusiasts.

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