Self Driving Car Technology

Self Driving Car Technology – Google Incorporated memperediksi car with the technology of “self-driving” (slef-driving) can be marketed in the United States in the coming years. Because the company known for its Internet search engine, start exploring some of the principal automotive to use this technology to mass.

“Most importantly, the car can be driven computers in the next 10 years,” commented Anthony Levandowski, Google Project Manager in Detroit. It is said, Google will offer the technology of “self-driving” starting next year.

“We do not yet know whether the technology is more secure than the man who was driving the car. But certainly, this technology will present a decade earlier than previously thought,” Anthony beber.

Google still needs to prove mathematically that the matter through this technology is safe and less risky than human behavior. However, Google claims the technology “self-driving” can finish the track testing on the road a few seconds faster than humans.

When tested, Google is applying this technology in the Toyota Prius and equip it with a variety of sensors and cameras around the car. Looking ahead, Google intends to establish a collaboration with one of the principal to create a tech car group “self-driving”.

“We do not want to produce cars. That’s not our goal. We are looking for partners to work together,” explained Anthony is admitted, Google is discussing the application of this technology with several car manufacturers.

1.6 million km

“All options are open. Among others, providing technology, licensed to manufacturers of components of tier 1, tier 2, creating a car together or anything. We’re still talking to some car manufacturers to determine the extent to which they are interested in working with us,” said Anthony.

Google currently has 10 cars with the technology “Self-Driving” and has been exploring up to 250,000 miles (402 336 km). To further ensure safety, Google plans to test up to one million miles or 1.6 million kilometers.

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