Sbarro Espera Evoluzione, a Concept Car Taper

Concept Car Taper
Swiss supercar manufacturer, Sbarro, re-appeared at the Geneva Auto Show to-81. They brought Evoluzione Espera Sbarro concept car which is too sharp in the event that lasted 1 to 13 March 2011. The design is mixed between Aventador Lamborghini, Audi racing cars, and Mclaren F1.

Espera Sbarro Evoluzione briefly reminiscent of futuristic films 1980-1990’s. He also like the evolution of a forgotten car, which had been a dream of children at the time.
Speaking of children, Sbarro Espera Evoluzione was tilled by 25 students Sbarro design school with only 13 weeks old craftsmanship. Uniquely, Evoluzione Espera Sbarro design was originally inspired motorcycles. It can be seen from the back, like the tail and exhaust superbike-style design and installation of shock absorbers like grip on the rear wheels of motorcycles.
“Bringing this car at the Geneva Auto Show 2011 is a gift for the students. They will have the opportunity to explain the project to the community as well as networking and potential investors,” said Pierre Guenebaut, Sbarro school teacher.
As shown, Sbarro Espera Evoluzione engine is equipped with 4-cylinder 180 hp 1.8-liter turbo from the Audi. Alloy wheels measuring 20 inches berban paired thin and matte black paint splashed to reinforce the impression of an aggressive and classy.
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