Renault Clio RS Red Bull Racing Edition

Renault Clio RS Red Bull Racing Edition – If Infiniti had issued a special edition of Sebastian Vettel, Renault also has a special edition of Red Bull Racing, with driver Vettel F1 team. The model chosen is the Clio RS.

Indeed, if viewed in the appearance of design is not directly adopt the sticker attached on the pole. In fact, Clio RS Red Bull Racing (RBR) RB7 choose to perform with Profond Black matte paint yellow Sirius inserted on the line in air dam, rear view mirror and the splitting wind (diffuser). While the typical bull emblem RBR just pinned on the door near the bottom of the tire. Then, on the roof of the image of a flag start-finish, but only one color, black. Rim still use the model of the finger – finger-sized body with a similar color 18-inch Bridgestone RE050A rubber clad round.

The smell of racing cars also run into the cabin, such as Recaro seats replaced the standard. There is a mini monitor on the dashboard that will not just provide vehicle information such as multi-information display. R.S. monitor is able to provide information about acceleration 0-100 kph and others as supporting data to improve the style of driving or racing.

Cardiac pacemaker modification is not done intentionally. What is presented on the Clio RS represent the aroma thats enough RBR racing. 4-cylinder inline engine with a 2.0-liter 203 PS and blowing power 215 Nm of torque. Power is capable of delivering 0-100 kph in 6.9 seconds and can be up to 225 kph dibejek.

Clio RS RBR RB7 is only sold in five countries, namely France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium and Austria. Price is starting from 27 900 euro.

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