Old Corolla with Chevy Engine 7400 cc

Seeing his old man you would think this car would be ‘struggling’ if asked to run. And behind the parent body, the 1980 Corolla TE71 alert has crazy power from 7400 cc engine under the hood.

So despite sluggish bodied, if there is a challenging speeding,  this car will still be able to compete. Power car itself is no longer coming from Japanese-owned 4-cylinder engine, but has been replaced with a big-block V8 engine from the Chevrolet.

This machine is sized 454 cubic inch (7.4 liter/7.400 cc) which is then mated with the transmission of the Turbo-Hydramatic 400 transmission was also owned by GM.

With that power, the old man who berlabur gold paint is capable of up to 100 km per hour at 4,000 rpm rotation in less than 4 seconds. This achievement was certainly equal to sports cars are still young.

“Interior good, no backseat, dashpad crack, new muffler under the car, you will not be able to see it before looking down, very nice, very quiet until you step on it,” writes the owner in buying and selling site eBay .

In addition to the above description, an old car is also described already do not have
wipers and use the rim size is 13 inches. “But cars like the light signal instruments, sein, brake lights and others are still fully working,” he concluded.

And the most seductive, the car was in Phoenix, Arizona, United States it was only sold at very cheap price which is only U.S. $ 3,251.

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