Nissan New Mobility Concept

Nissan New Mobility Concept – After introducing the Leaf, Nissan incentive to develop electric cars. New vehicle concepts and models with more “green” has been prepared and is called the Nissan New Mobility Concept, the result of collaboration between Nissan (exterior design) and Renault SA (supplying electric motors).

Interestingly, the concept vehicle is equipped with the latest electric motor that did not want leaked. Its speed can reach 75 miles per hour with a mileage of 100 miles once the battery.

If so produced, Nissan New Mobility Concept will be targeting two segments at the same time, the private and fleet sector (companies). Nissan hopes to create new opportunities that can be filled by an electric vehicle.

“We do not want an electric vehicle into a small market (niche),” said Corporate Vice President Nissan Hideaki Watanabe in Tokyo, as reported by the economic times.

New Mobility Concept is a concrete form of Nissan’s ambitions to become a leader in the segment of environmentally friendly vehicles. As a first step, Nissan expects to produce electric cars debut Leaf 250,000 units per year to fill the markets of Japan and the United States began in December, then entered Europe in 2011.

Well, Nissan also plans to produce 250,000 units of electric cars next collaboration with Renault SA. Maybe New Mobility Concept will be the platform later.


Nissan is also reportedly preparing a special charging stations for electric cars took the government and some private companies. The number is now increased by more than 80 points throughout the world from a new 30 year period. “This shows that the emission-free issue is growing rapidly,” said Watanabe.

In Japan, Nissan will complete the entire dealer marketing by means of recharging the battery. Until 2020, the principal target of 2 million units will have a standard charger and 5000 a more rapid charger (battery recharge). In fact, Nissan has created a company itself to accommodate the old battery for recycling later on.

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