Nissan Delay Leaf Production in America

Nissan Delay Leaf Production in America (US). An important executive at Nissan Motor Co. (NMC), said that Nissan was forced to delay production of electric cars on American Leaf due to the impact of the devastating earthquake in Japan. In fact, the production target of 50,000 units in 2011 was pegged. Meanwhile, Japan has so far only send 7500 units to customers in the country, the United States, Hong Kong, and in Europe.

In the U.S., has send a 2000 Nissan began to be marketed Leaf since last December. Meanwhile, Nissan’s U.S. 22 000 names that have the potential to buy.

“Post-disaster and earthquake March 11 last, all the resources dedicated to helping the recovery in Japan,” said Hideaki Watanabe, Vice President of Nissan for Zero Emission Vehicles.

Speaking to reporters in a luncheon at Nissan Research and Development Center in Detroit, Watanabe said, this condition puts Nissan in a difficult situation. “We’re just trying to shorten the period of delay. However, we do not want to make predictions. In 2012, we hope the situation is more normal,” says Watanabe.

Electric vehicles are very useful during the scarcity of fuel, such as earthquakes and disasters. Electric car owners can charge the batteries overnight because electricity is more widely available.

From that event, the Nissan is exploring the technology now on Leaf, the lithium-ion batteries which become an emergency generator. This technology will enable Leaf electric charge.

Next year, Watanabe said, Nissan plans to produce as many as 150,000 units Nissan Leaf at its plant in Tennessee. Not only that, the plant also will produce 200,000 batteries a year.

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