New Honda CR-V

New Honda CR-V – PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) was smiles delighted to see the enthusiasm of consumers on a New Honda CR-V. Because, since officially launched on 26 April 2012 and, HPM recorded sales of 1853 units. The figure is the highest this year.

Overall, from January to April 2012, Honda CR-V has sold over 2727 units. While total sales of all types for April 2012 reached 3732 units.

“We are very happy New Honda CR-V received an excellent reception from consumers. For the next month we’re sure Honda’s sales will increase along with the launch of new products and increased production of the three flagship models of the Honda Jazz Honda, Honda CR-V and Honda Freed Honda factory. “Jonfis said Fandy, Marketing & Aftersales Service Director HPM.

Meanwhile, the Honda Jazz also recorded good sales figures for April, as many as 1461 units. While the All New Honda Freed Honda Odyssey and each accounted for 339 units and 79 units.

The positive results achieved by some of the model is not followed because the sedan model is still constrained supply from Thailand. Consequently in April 2012 and no sales transaction.

“With the re-operation of Honda’s factory in Thailand in full starting on March 26, 2012, we expect supply to Honda sedan models will be back to normal in the near future so that we can meet consumer demand in Indonesia,” lid Jonfis.

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