New Generation S Concept Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey New Generation S Concept  – Honda take advantage of the event Beijing Motor Show 2012 to showcase a concept car digadangkan into the latest generation Honda Odyssey. Honda introduced a car called the Concept S is a different thing.

This Japanese carmaker’s own words explain the meaning of stylish, smart and surprise (stylish, smart and full of surprises). Of the design highlighted, is the Concept S is a stylish design and smart car as a concept car.

The front of the car look more aggressive and sharp. Honda uses LED lights for illumination. The design leaves the form of a conventional car. Profile on the side is quite sleek and aerodynamic, while the rear lights are integrated with the rear glass. Berapis chrome strip at the bottom.

Overall, all the details of the car is stylish. Unfortunately, details unknown engine, this car only uses hybrid fuel system. Attractive design anticipated how this will translate into a final production version.

In addition to the Concept S, Honda Concept C also displays in the arena of the Beijing Motor Show of 2012. Honda Concept C is a low-cost sedan that will be devoted to Asian markets. Concept C would be a global sedan Honda.

The letter C on behalf of Concept C is taken based on the prefix of the word Cool (cool), Challange (challenging) and China. The plan, Honda Concept C that use hybrid engines will begin to be released next year.

China also insists Honda will present ILX and Acura RX in China by the end of this year. While the NSX will be launched in the Bamboo Curtain country in three years.

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