Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi Mirage – Production of Mitsubishi Mirage has started nearly two weeks ago at the Mitsubishi Motors Thailand (MMTh) precisely at Leam Chabang factory. This new facility has been designed to serve the global market and could serve as a replacement for Colt.

Reported by autoevolution, a Japanese manufacturer revealed plans to launch several Mirage global markets, namely Europe in the third quarter of fiscal year 2012 and followed by North America.

But for the North American region, only Canada who will receive rations of fuel-efficient small cars and environmentally friendly. Therefore, Roger Yasukawa Mitsubishi spokesman said it was considering the Mirage for the U.S. market.

One reason is that Mitsubishi needs a marketing budget for 2013 Outlander SUV sold in America, where the subcompact segment provides benefits for the company.

“There are competitors out there that are new and most of them recently released or coming out soon. This is an emerging youth segment in the U.S. and we should consider first before taking a decision,” said Yasukawa.

Meanwhile, PT Krama Yudha Three Diamond Motors (KTB) as the agent of Mitsubishi brand holders in Indonesia to ensure the Mirage will be launched this year. But the time of its release are still kept secret.

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