Manta, 3 Wheel Car

Three-wheel concept car called the Manta design David Cardoso Loureiro of Belgium was created for those who live in the river or lake. Vehicles with a single cabin has two great achievements.
First, the Manta was recorded as one of the winners Michelin Challange Design and eligible to appear in the exhibition North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) 2011. Secondly, the car was able to walk in two worlds, which can on land and in water like frogs.

Interestingly, the two rear wheels in the center of the propeller to function as propellers rotate by an electric motor to push forward when shot in the water.
About the engine specification is not yet published, including the use of batteries and electric motors. Because this compartment is in process of settlement worked out by Mr. Loureiro with a very simple concept.
“This will be a very sensational driving vehicles with low cost,” Loureiro said.
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