LSR Streamliner : Candidates for World’s Fastest Steam Car

Who says that old school steam-engine cars and old could not run fast? This assumption will soon be solved by Chuk Williams is ready with a steam car which is expected to be able to run up to 257.5 km/hour.
Chuk Williams and his team, U.S. Steam Land Record (USLSR) ready to break record for world’s fastest steam car which is made by a team from England called Inspiration British car team in 2009 and then managed to run up to 238 km per hour with their steam car.

To penetrate the record, Chuk stuffing steam car which was given LSR Streamliner-name technology with heat-regenerative external combustion Cyclone Engine. An engine technology that they believe will be widely used by mass-production car.
Cyclone engine was heralded as a machine that can take a variety of fuels including biofuels while producing far fewer emissions than internal combustion engines.
The workings of this machine started from a mixture of fuel and air that burns water vapor which then creates a ‘super hot’ is used to drive the piston.
The dew of water vapor is then used again and to return used. While the hot air is channeled back into the engine and cold air discharged through the exhaust.
Machines used by Chuk is a 6-cylinder engine Cyclone Mark V which is claimed capable of producing power to 100 hp with maximum torque up to 850 ft / lbs. With the technology and ability that, Chuk hoping the car can go up to the speed of 257.5 km/hour.

“Our calculations show that we can break the record with our machines. We have modified the engine and combustion chamber to increase power output and speed, we will do in the future,” said founder and team members USLSR Cyclone, Harry Schoell.
“But for now, we think it’s important to demonstrate the power, clean emissions and fuel quality multi-Cyclone engine so you can imagine if one day is made by Ford or Chevy,” he said.
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