KIA All-New Picanto

Kia All-New Picanto – War in the segment sub-compact city car or more exciting. Because the All-New Kia Picanto launched today. Even the day after tomorrow, appears more products in the same segment, as well as the new total, the All-New Daihatsu Sirion.

Currently, the city car segment, competing brands such as Chery QQ, the Chevrolet Spark, Geely Panda, Hyundai i10, Kia Picanto 1.1 liter engine, Nissan March, the Proton Savvy, Suzuki Karimun, and the Suzuki Splash. In January-May 2011, retail sales in this segment has reached 11 912 units or 3.4 percent (348,939 units) of total vehicle sales in Indonesia, or 4.9 percent when compared to passenger cars totaled 239,833 units.

Two variants

All-New Kia Picanto or the Picanto 2nd generation in two variants marketed in Indonesia. First, with 5-speed manual transmission and is sold at Rp 125 million (on the road, in Jakarta). Prices are up about USD 8 million compared to generation-1 that uses a 1.1 liter engine. Second, the All-New Picanto automatic transmission, 4-acceleration, which removed at Rp 139 million (also on the road).

All-New Picanto using a machine with greater capacity than before, ie 1248 cc. The engine was producing power 87 rpm with torque of 12.3 PS@6.000 kg-m@4.000 rpm.

In terms of appearance, the All-New Picanto more dynamic and sportier than the previous version. For technology, there are other changes made to the power steering is now driven by electric motors (hydraulic old version) called the Motor Drive Power Steering (MDPS).

From the dimensions, the All-New Picanto 60 mm longer than the previous version. The second distance 15 mm wheelbase increase. This car has a length of 3596 mm, width 1595 mm, height 1480 mm and 2385 mm wheelbase.

For fuel consumption, Kia claims that the All-New Picanto spent 1 liter of petrol for a distance of 23.3 km outside the city and 14.9 km per liter in the city.

“We had orders to open next July 7 at the official launch in Gandaria City, Jakarta. At that time, the buyer can get the unit quickly. Later, depending on conditions. However, a maximum of one month,” said Hartanto Sukmono, Sales Director of PT Kia Mobil Indonesia , about the pivot.

Since it was assembled in Indonesia, Hartanto, do not worry about the supply. Hence also, Kia Mobil Indonesia set a target and hope to sell All-New Picanto 4,000 units until the end of this year. Added, the competitiveness of All-New Picanto than any other brand competitors at a competitive price. Meanwhile, to ensure product quality, Kia gives 5-year warranty or 150,000 km mileage.

It added that the inclusion of the latest models of Kia’s global product to Indonesia as of this quickly. “The launch of the first in the Geneva Motor Show in early March, is now marketed in Indonesia. In ASEAN, Indonesia is the first country to market the All-New Picanto,” added Hartanto.

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