Inizio, New American Electric Supercar

Electric supercar United States now not only the Tesla and Fisker Karma. Now there are newcomers who claim to be more intense, which is the product of the Li-ion Motors, named Inizio.

Li-ion Motors, based in North Carolina is already proving his greatness in the field of electric cars. Evidence, managed to win the Progressive Automotive X-Prize in Side-by-Side Alternative Class with electric cars Wave II in October.
Actually, Li-ion Motors not only make this electric supercar, also produces motorcycles and three-wheeled electric vehicles. Even modifying the Mini and the Yaris into electric cars.
Special Scissors door, INIZIO looks really interesting. Intention which was introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show last November (also at SEMA, Las Vegas), performed “mencorong” with a red Ferrari. Both side doors open the next spin-up, such as scissors movement. As a result, when the door opened, the appearance Inizio so exotic.
He further Inzio designed as Wave II, with optimal aerodynamics. To that end, the rear wing is made to move in accordance with the speed of the car. As a result, when dikebut low, steady traction tires!
Other features of the car, when the door opened, the hydraulic elevator system will raise the car three inches. Thus, the driver and passengers out of the cabin easy. For driver and passenger, leather Recaro seats are provided and “suede”. In addition to adjustable, also can refresh your body warms up and the driver and passenger.
Moreover, because the flat, side mirror equipped with high-resolution camera. Thus, it could result in widespread view around the car to 360 degrees.
Performance With an electric motor that can generate power 207PS, Inizio able to sprint 0-96 km in 3.4 seconds. The highest speed that could be explored, 272 km / hour.
Lithium-ion batteries that are used to produce 40 kW of energy and can be increased to 96.7 kW. Once the content is full, the battery can be used to travel 321 km. While a full charge, 8 hours with a voltage of 220 volts. Battery life time, 2,500 times the filling.
Li-ion Entertainment System equip this car with specialized and sophisticated management systems that can be connected to a central data Motors Li-ion. From the center of it, the car can be diagnosed from a distance. Li-ion data centers Motors also told the car to the driver or owner.
Inizio dashboard is equipped with LCD touch screen that displays information on the remaining battery energy, the battery temperature, energy consumption, long the car is used and the distance that can be taken. There’s also a navigation system that directs drivers to the nearest charging.
Even to pamper owners and passengers, interior mounted digital 5.1 surround entertainment system that has been supplied with 12-inch subwoofer, a video monitor with DVD player, connect audio / video and MP3.
“Inizio not just electric cars, as well as vehicles that provide comfort and pleasure on the highway,” commented Ron Cerven, engineer in charge of developing products in Li-ion Motors.
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