Hyundai Grand Avega

Hyundai Grand Avega – Performances IIMS 2011 auto show grand bridge made ​​by Hyundai Mobil Indonesia (HI) on changes in mission and vision in product innovation. Therefore, above the arena area of ​​520 square meters with the theme “New Thinking, New Possibilities”, they not only show off the eight units of the product line-ups, but also launched the latest model New Sonata and New Grand Avega.

Then, a quarter of the land, vehicle handicap Hyundai HMI display that is their innovation in creating awareness of disabled consumers. Here, Hyundai showed that these features can be installed on all their products.

In his speech, Mukiat Sutikno, HMI vice president, explained that in addition to launching two new products, it also displays the product line-up is limited edition as in Tucson and the H-1. Then, two units of the city car Hyundai i10 and 120 also have got a touch of accessories.

Regarding Grand Avega, according Mukiat, will not interfere with Avega. It is precisely his presence with Avega will target two segments. On price, he says, for the manual transmission USD 158.9 million, while the automatic target of USD 169.8 million with 300-400 units per month. While the Sonata cost Rp 449 million.

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