How to Safely Drive a Car in the Offroad Track

How to Safely Drive a Car in the Offroad Track – If you like nature, travel or “traveling” will become mandatory in the menu when a holiday or weekend. Especially for those who like the expedition to the new place. Bad roads or off-road had to be conquered. For those who already have high-flying hours, of course, could pass it without hesitation.
But what about those who have never explored dirt tracks? Possibility would be haunted by the fear or anxiety. Here are some tips and tricks as a guide when you want your car to try greatness pride in the field of non-asphalt.
  1. Understand the correct target area and adjust the car’s ability to be used. You certainly will not be forced to bring the sedan when the track is filled with a mound of dirt or a little steep. If forced, instead of interesting experiences gained, even distress. Your car could have been “trapped” or damaged due to hit obstacles.
  2. Make sure the car you use ‘combat ready’. Know the height of the pit closest to the ground (ground clearance), the angle of incidence and angle off the car. With this in mind could be passing car pools, slopes or derivatives as well.
  3. “Do not ever make a new line looks better though. Stay in the track who often skipped because of course the track is safe,” explained national champion rally Indonesia, Rifat Sungkar. Also keep traction so that vehicle stability can be controlled.
  4. Subhan Aksa, a national rally driver added, “Do not be fooled by the bend in front of you. It could be that what is seen in front of the eye, will be different to those on the edge. Better to set the speed when entering the corner and make sure at the end of the bend is safe to proceed vehicle speed. “
  5. This becomes very important because many drivers are tempted to jamming of gas at the sight of a big bend on the corner when there is a fairly challenging Handycap as narrowing or mound of earth which removes power to the ground tire tracks.
  6. Adjust speed with the track conditions and vehicle stability. Do not force too fast when large shocks occur. In addition to make it uncomfortable, stability is less because the cars tend to be wild.
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