Honda’s production in England Bothered

Not much different to the situation in Indonesia, where Honda Prospect Motor states to cut production at the plant, the same thing done Honda Motor Company (HMC) in the UK. They also reduce the temporary production facility in Swindon, southern England from next week due to no supply of components from Japan because of natural disasters.

Conditions resulted in the supply to the market for three main models of Civic, CR-V and Jazz faltered because the production capacity of 638 units per day. “We took the decision to reduce the volume of production in the factory Honda British and keep the manufacturing activity, thus reducing the impact to customers, dealers and partners with Honda in the UK,” said Ken Keir, Executive Vice President of Honda Motor Europe, as reported by autonews.
Honda sell 23,304 units of new cars in Europe in the first two months of this year, down from the same period last year 26,074 units. With the number of these sales, Honda held 1.1 percent market share also fell from 1.3 percent in the previous year.
Principal Honda began producing states gradually returned 4 April and hope that on April 11, the entire production network in Japan has been effectively working. Honda UK promised, so the supply of components began to stabilize and re-achieved full production capacity, will soon set up production schedules to meet consumer demand in Europe.
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