Honda Launch New Full Size Accord

When the national automobile market (overall) again down, this month, PT Honda Prospect Motor precisely dare launch a New Full Size Accord. Although the “facelift”, but the eighth-generation Accord sedan medium comes with the concept of “Unlimited Luxury.”

“Honda Accord is our flagship and the last should have been released since the launch in 2008,” explained Jonfis Fandy, director of marketing and after-sales service HPM on the sidelines of the launch of the New Accord in Saintboard, Pacific Palace, SCBD, South Jakarta, on February 23, 2011.

Regarding the decline in auto markets in the early years, according to Jonfis, more because of registration problems. “What affected, usually in areas, while Jakarta is still the same. Market Accord in Jakarta is still the highest, namely 67 per cent compared with other areas,” he said, when asked why HPM dare launch a medium sedan now.

Other weapons make sure Jonfis Accord market can grow, judging by the market share that continues to rise each year. When in 2009 the Accord reached 16 percent in its class, last year increased by 26 percent with Raihan 1700 units. “For this year, we target to maintain a minimum of 26 percent. The effect of refreshment is expected to be sold 2,000 units,” added Jonfis.

To achieve these figures, it seems not difficult. Because, any changes made quite a difference. Like the exterior, grille and front bumper design curves are given, plus more elegant because the rear lights decorated chrome. Then, all four wheels equipped with size 17-inch light alloy wheels.

In the interior, there is also a small touch, such as bok center console-textured wood with chrome combination. Ignition key is less key model. In the back seat, passengers can control the audio through switches that are available at the box in the center armrest.

“Eighth generation of Honda Accord asserted as a model with the widest cabin in its class, high performance and technologically advanced features than other models in its class,” said President Director of HPM Yukihiro Aoshima.

To be sure, the target of 2,000 units could be achieved, in addition to the refresher and the many technological features (see the rubric of products) attractive, price. “About the price of new Accord arguably does not rise. If it is different from the previous because the charge behind the name (BBN),” said Jonfis.

Accord is offered in 4 variants, ie bermsin VTI 2.4 L manual transmission and automatic dibenderol Rp428.500.000 USD 443.55 million, 2.4 L VTi-L auto Rp481.500.000 and a 3.5 L V6 i-VTEC with Rp708.000.000 price.

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