Honda Civic Trouble with the “Fuel Pump”

Honda Civic Trouble with the “Fuel Pump” – The case of damage to gas stations (fuel pump) never hit Jakarta mid-July 2010 resulted in thousands of cars broke down on the street and most happen to taxi. Now, similar damage befall Honda Civic 2011 in the United States production of 18,056 units in number, resulting in the Honda Motor Company (HMC) have to do bulk improvement campaign (recall).

Honda Civic Recall is the second after previously experienced hybrid version earlier this month also the number of 36,656 units. The cause, damage to the car electrical system.
Honda, as reported by AP, said fuel pump valve caps made from plastic which can crack or break. When this happens could lead to fuel leakage and potentially trigger a fire.
Honda spokesman Chris Martin explained, until now there has been no report of a fire. He believes, number of units affected by this problem is very few but must do a thorough examination of all units.
Temporal, at the same time Honda also announced a recall of 33,341 units of the Odyssey because of the connection rod wiper that can not stand crooked because of low temperatures in winter. If this occurs, erasers work was not optimal and interfere with vision during rain or snow.
Honda says the Civic will contact the consumer or the Odyssey in the U.S. to replace the second component of the car free of charge at authorized workshops. This campaign began in mid-April 2011 after Honda’s willingness to prepare the problematic component.
Related to this issue, PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) ensure that damage to the Civic and the Odyssey in the U.S. do not affect the unit ATPM marketed in Indonesia. “Indonesia is safe, the two units is different suppliers of components and production only in the U.S. and Canada,” explained Jonfis Fandy, Director of Marketing and Sales Service HPM when confirmed, today.
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