Honda, 2011 Best Car Manufacturer

Honda, 2011 Best Car Manufacturer. Japanese carmaker, Honda Motor Co., ranked first in the top 10 best cars in 2011 that was held by the magazine Consumer Reports. Honda pocketed 74 of the scale value of 100 set by the jury. Honda was rated one, followed by Subaru, Toyota, Volvo, and Ford Motor Company in the five major groups.
“Subaru scored 73 points, Toyota Motor Corp. with 71 points. Volvo in fourth place with 68 points, followed by Ford and Hyundai Motor in the sequence respectively five and six,” the statement referred to Consumer Reports.

These results are also pretty prove the reliability of Toyota. Although in recent years, buffeted by the product recall issue, but Japanese manufacturers are still able to be in the order above. Toyota was well above the Mercedes-Benz, BMW and General Motors. Chrysler Group is ranked the lowest with a value of 43.
In addition to providing assessments to the company, Consumer Reports also provide an assessment of the number of cars. Honda subcompact car, the Honda Fit (Jazz) received an award as the best value and best budget car among compact cars.
In addition, the jury also chose the Ford Mustang and Kia Motor Co. ‘s Sorento. The appraiser said, some aspects of the element of comfort and agility assessment is lauched in the street when the car, engine reliability and fuel consumption keiritan.
Consumer Reports is published automotive magazine in New York, United States. The magazine is held every year and the best car manufacturer ratings. Reports on the investigation and Ratings often used as a reference by consumers around the world.
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