Function of The Radiator Cap on Car

Function of The Radiator Cap on Car. Looking at its structure is simple and the price is cheap, sometimes we underestimate the role of the radiator cap. In fact this is one important component in vehicle engine cooling system.
Substantially, the function of this tool is to close the hole filling the radiator water (coolant). However, if examined further, he had another role which is not less important, namely to maintain fluid pressure through the engine cooling system water circulation arrangement that flows from and into the reservoir tube.

Indeed, the water will boil when the temperature reaches 100 degrees Celsius at a pressure of 1 atmosphere. To prevent that the pressure in the radiator is increased exceeds the ambient air pressure so that the boiling point of water increases at higher temperatures.
The point is to anticipate failure or imperfection of the cooling system functions. So when the water temperature over 100 degrees Celsius indirect boil. In this case the radiator cap to function as a regulator of the pressure inside the radiator and engine cooling systems space.
In addition to having a radiator cap sealing to prevent liquid coolant out, there are also two valves for high pressure and low pressure vacuum valve which has an important function. High pressure valve to function as a pressure regulator. Coolant pressure due to excessive engine heat will push the valve spring so that the coolant reservoir out into the tube.
When the coolant to cool down either when the engine is turned off or apart kalornya by the radiator fins occur in a vacuum tube radiator because the radiator is lower pressure than the surrounding air pressure. As a result, low pressure valve is open which makes water from the reservoir tube sucked back into the radiator.
This process took place repeatedly which makes pressure and volume of water in the radiator is always awake with stable.
Now after knowing its function then you should immediately replace the radiator cap after detected no damage that resulted in leakage. We recommend that you do not ever try to ‘trick’ with a wedge or add a rubber cap when the radiator started to leak.
Recommended that vehicle owners pay attention and keep the water level in the reservoir tube and is not recommended to frequently open the radiator cap, especially in European cars
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