Ford ECOnetic Technology

Ford ECOnetic Technology – Having a hybrid car is the dream of most people. In particular, they are more often pacing around the city with high levels of congestion. May be because the fuel consumption is an economical car. The obstacles, great price. That is one of the factors that cause consumers still choose the car with oil-fueled engines.

To reduce the gap, try to provide solutions with the Ford ECOnetic technology is applied to the Focus and Fiesta. For a while, new technology could dinimkati European consumers in 2013.

ECOnetic engine consists of a 1.6-liter variant with two options, with a turbocharged petrol and TDCi (diesel). There is also a 1.0-liter engine, 3-cylinder turbo fitted.
Last engine fuel consumption dikalim 29-30 km / liter carbon dioxide emissions by 89-87 g / km, lower than the Prius, 100 g / km.

“Focus and Fiesta ECOnetic is the right choice for those who mengutama fuel efficiency still pretty rushed. The combination of these two aspects are still hard to come by in recent years, “Dr beber. Thilo Seiber, Ford Europe’s Manager of Sustainability and Electrification Strategy.

This is the secret ECOnetic technology with auto start / stop, “smart” regenerative charging, active shutter grill and ECOmode.

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