Ferrari EGO Designed by The Italy Designer

Ferrari EGO Designed by The Italy Designer – The designers of the Car Body Design (CBD) that consists of Salvatore Simonetti, Massimiliano Pertachi, Vincenzo Morlino, and Luca Zunino imagine what kind of Ferrari has changed in the near future. They show that changes from scratches with colored pencils and renamed it the “Ferrari EGO (Emotional Generation One)“.

In their shadow, Ferrari EGO is a compact sports car that focuses on the emotional experience of driving combined with. Simonetti et al do not rule out a strong tradition of Ferrari, which is beauty. According to them, Ferrari supercar EGO is lighter for 2025.

Most of this concept is inspired by the “egg” which symbolizes that the car was selfish protected by a strong frame and body. Hence, for the body, the designers use of carbon composites.

Exterior appearance is strong enough to pull the line that rises to the top and has a function to channel the wind to the rear wheels. This section is inspired by models of Ferrari limited. Then, the next model is very prominent, especially the fender much higher than the front hood. Meanwhile, the rear spoiler and is dominated by a circular LED lamps, coupled with a diffuser that suggests that this supercar is very fierce.

Interestingly, from the design of children’s CBD, the movable aerodynamic devices, such as spoilers, wings, and certain parts that use gas. The goal, to improve traction.

The interior is not described in detail. Just mentioned, bucket seat models that use aluminum and carbon fiber.

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