Ferrari Cars in the Future

Ferrari Cars in the Future – Ferrari held a global design contest which followed the designers from around the world. From some amazing concept, Ferrari Eternita work of students of Hongik University in South Korea is set as the winner.

Ferrari Eternita Hongik designed by three students, namely Dre Ahn, Cheong Ju Kim, and Lee Sahngseok. Their work is unique in the position where the rear wheels that cut deep into the body. While the front of the display of muzzle like a supercar with a high front wheel arches.

The second winner of the Istituto Europeo Xezri Ferrari in Design in Turin, Italy. The results of this painting Samir Sadikhov most conventional than the finalists by displaying simple lines. If viewed from the side, looked consistently smooth flowing curves, starting from the roof to the rear.

The third place concept Ferrari Cavallo Bianco dramatic, the results of a student’s hand scratches Henry Cole (England) and Qi Haitao (China) from the Royal College of Arts in London. Both take unlimited design philosophy of a conventional supercar.

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