Electric Cars with Li-Ion Capacitor

Electric Cars with Li-Ion Capacitor – During these hybrid electric cars and plug-ins that were introduced generally use lithium-ion (li-ion). Now, two companies from Japan, FDK Corp. and Takayanagi Co. Ltd., work together to introduce an electric car with a power source capacitor.

A prototype electric car that relies on the capacitor is currently being exhibited at the Next Automotive Industry Fair 2011 that took place on June 15 to 17 in Tokyo.
Added, the mileage of electric vehicle that uses a capacitor is only 5 km. Nevertheless, the charging time is only 1 minute and is expected to be released in 2012.
“With such capabilities, we hope this car is only used for shopping at stores around the housing complex. In the store anyway, the capacitor can be recharged. After that, the owner went home,” said Takayanagi.
Electric car li-ion capacitor is a capacitor module uses 8 li-ion 36Wh capacity (a total of 290 Wh). Two capacitor module mounted on the front, while six more in the back. Voltage of 45 volts per module, which is obtained by connecting four capacitors in series and then paralleled. Total voltage to 90 volts.
By using a capacitor, the weight is much lighter car, only 260 kg. That also includes 40 batteries. Furthermore, to drive both rear wheels, used two electric motors made ​​in DC Advance Inc. that delivers 1.75 kW of power and can be accelerated to 80 km / hour.
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