Daihatsu A-Concept

Daihatsu A-Concept -Latest concept, a compact hatchback 5 passengers with names A-Concept. This car is directly introduced by Sudirman MR, President Director of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor danKoichi Ina, president of Daihatsu Motor Company (DMC), Japan.

Explained, A-Concept is the work of the sons and daughters of Indonesia with direct support from the Japanese technology. While the use of the letter A on the car as an early sign of beginning a new life of Indonesian society.

“This car was designed for the needs of Indonesian families,” said Sudirman. Because it is still in concept stage, Daihatsu has not given details of this car. From appearances, the A-Concept is very attractive, sporty and stylish, including the interior.

Sudirman MR when interviewed by reporters after unveiling the car it says A-Concept is not part of the project inexpensive and environmentally friendly car launched by the government. That’s why, when reporters asked if the car is later sold at Rp 90 million, Sudirman smile only.

“We’re waiting for government regulation. If you already have, then we decide, “he explained. Hence, until now Daihatsu can not ensure that the machine will use this car. “It could be 1,000 cc, 1,300 cc or 1,500 cc. Depending on market demand, “he said.

From the images shown, the interior of the A-Concept is also very interesting, using the LCD monitor screen in the middle, like most upscale cars today.

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