Classic Car Collection Scorched Burned (Eugine City, Oregon, USA)

A building contains a collection of classic cars burned in the great city of Eugine, Oregon, USA. Nothing remained of the fire that occurred on Friday, March 25, 2011 am local time, except for a number of typical American classic car carcasses are piled charred.
Indar Bhan, the owner, can only regret when he saw the collection of Ford Mustang Convertible (1969), Plymouth Barracuda (1968), and the Chevrolet Chevelle SS (1971) burned with Chevrolet Camaro (2011). “It’s really gone …, but most importantly, we all survived,” said Bhan.

Until the afternoon after the incident, the fire department has not estimated the amount of loss from the building area of ​​approximately 306 square meters. “Losses at least 1 million U.S. dollars,” said Capt. Chris Heppel, representatives from the fire department.
Not only the Mustang, Barracuda, and the Chevelle SS classic, Indar Bhan also have lost a number of vehicles for recreation, a number of ATV, and collection of weapons. Until this news was delivered, there is no information about the cause of the fire. “Yes, we must build everything from scratch again. Thank God everything is insured,” said Bhan.
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