VW Touareg 24 Carat Gold Wrapped – To tempt prospective customers, the king of oil from the Middle East, Volkswagen AG to introduce a special variant Touareg wrapped in 24 […]

VW Tiguan New Models – Volkswagen (VW) Tiguan leaked the new look 2012 (facelift) through its official website in German. Funnily enough, after being successfully downloaded a number of media, […]

VW Super Efficient Vehicle (SEV) XL1 – Volkswagen AG introduced the super-efficient concept car called the Super Efficient Vehicle (SEV) XL1, not at the auto show in Detroit (United States) […]

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VW Golf Blue-e-motion (Electric-Powered) – Manufacturer Volkswagen AG, reckless enter “tiger cage” automotive industry, namely Japan, relying on the Polo hatchback that has been crowned as the best car of […]

VW Beetle “Black Beauty” for US Consumers – America Volkswagen (VW) try to give convenience to consumers who want to get the newest model of the Black Turbo 2012 VW […]