Drag racing on ice or salt desert with a round-wheeled car has ever attempted. Well, what if a snowmobile is applied in a straight race?

Paul Groth, Jim and Bernie Warning, and Jim Costa of home modifications Performance Concepts in Mokena, Illinois, USA, decided to make a record pace in the snow. Construction of vehicle body style was made lengthwise funny car (racing car dragrace typical) and fitted with a V8 engine 3000 HP turbo-powered dual-fuel alcohol.

Meanwhile, the team specifically to make the coolant spray system to a chain wheel for hot temperatures in these parts do not exceed the limit due to spin too fast.

The car, named “Frozen Assets” will be driven solely by Paul. He shared the team plans to record in-class racing event is free to the special motor vehicle snow. Previous records is 300 km per hour and won by a motorized snow vehicle Hayabussa.

Gokart engines can not only be made by a team of professional racing course, academics can make it. Like the students at the Tarumanagara University (Untar).
Mechanical Engineering Students Association University (IMAMTA) managed to make a go-kart own creation named Mert (Mechanical Enginering Racing Team).
And incredibly, Mert who began to follow the go-kart race in 2000 was already obtained many achievements and has won the first go-kart championship. Many championship, followed by Mert, including national championships and regional championships.

This go-kart built by using the engine from the Kawasaki Ninja 150 Non-Rips.