MPV Opel Zafira
We could call this the Opel Zafira minivan or MPV. But in his home country, to give the impression of more cool and classy, called the “Tourer”. Understandable, for it connotes minivans as family vehicles and carrying goods. Who’s tourer is a vehicle for business, and entertainment that gives comfort. As a result, facilities or features Zafira Tourer Concept is more complete and luxurious compared to the previous Zafira!

Tourer, the original figure will be introduced tomorrow remsi told reporters at the opening day of the first 81e Salon International Del ‘et Accesssoires Auto Geneve 2011. From the pictures released by Opel, especially the interior, the Zafira looks luxurious, according to the concept diusungnya, Lounge on Wheel aka “Lounge Walking”.

Transparent Roof
Although still said to be loaded with a 7-passenger or three rows of seats, but more displays luxury Opel Zafira with only two rows of bright brown leather-clad seats. The interior is almost similar to the aquarium because the roof is transparent and panoramic windscreen type.

“We’re trying to create a lounge atmosphere in this vehicle. Passengers really feel relaxed and comfortable when traveling on business or entertainment, “says Mark Adams, Vice President of Design at Opel.

Transparent roof that turns the color of lighting can be changed. Understandably in the roof created a special composite, plus LED embedded metal particles held together in plastic to reflect light.

The third row seats can be folded fully flat on the floor. The result when loaded 5-passenger, or just two rows of seats, will obtain a better comfort. In fact, if only loaded 4-passenger, center seat second row back, will be a placemat hand. To nini, passengers simply press the button.

Seats are also equipped with a head restraint (headrest) address that consists of three parts and can be tilted. Settings can also be done by pressing a button. For safety, make the driver’s head restraint remains in a vertical position when the car road. But for passengers can be rotated 90 degrees in horizontal.

Tablet PCs
No less interesting, the center console is not much longer “covered” the sticking part. Now, center console mounted monitor screen is big enough, according to Opel, operated like a tablet PC or iPad.

Special rear passengers, provided large-sized tablet PC (behind the front passenger seat backrest). This tablet PC, passengers can surf in cyberspace or the person who tinkers multi-media applications in accordance with the preferences or interests of each.

Zafira Face Tourer is equipped with LED technology that forms the wing when the lights turned on in the afternoon. Bear lamp used is the AFL bi-xenon fog lamps plus a ditup with plexiglass. To make a dashing appearance and sporty, Opel memasangn clad 20-inch glossy ban245/40 R20.

Furthermore, as a source of energy, Opel 1.4 liter capacity engine, with turbocharger. No mention his ability, but the engine seems equal to a 1.4 Cruze turbocharger which is marketed in Europe and the United States. Other technologies included are the Start / Stop to save fuel.

Extra for the convenience and security are FlexRide, suspension that provides adaptive damping, in accordance with road conditions and speed of the car. Now, if you have this, Opel also deserve to call tourer and not a minivan or MPV!