Nissan E52 Elgrand – Japanese car manufacturer, Nissan, again kicked Malaysian automotive market with the launch of Nissan Elgrand E52. In Malaysia, the E52 Elgrand is priced from 384.863 Ringgit Malaysia.

Nissan Elgrand E52 launched in Malaysia via Circular Chong Motor will strengthen competition and seven passenger vehicle or MPV in the neighbor country.

Elgrand’s reputation no doubt. Nissan MPV is known because of his very luxurious, comfortable ride, with the interior of a unique multi-function high quality.

Not only comfortable and luxurious, Elgrand offers the use of fuel-efficient, dynamic performance, the E52 Elgrand MPV is a premium vehicle with passenger capacities of seven people in attendance with automatic sliding doors, display an elegant interior and exterior display that represents the soul of kinship in a driving.

The latest generation of Nissan Elgrand E52 is equipped with 3.5-liter VQ35DE V6, which can shoot up to 280 ps at 6400 rpm and maximum torque of 344 Nm at 4,400 rpm.

The engine mated to the Xtronic CVT transmission that does not exist on the E52 Elgrand before. This car is also available in a choice of exterior colors mempat like Black, Dark Purple, Silver and White Pearl.

Nissan Venucia D50 – The format of the 2012 Beijing Motor Show, Nissan seems to not want to miss with another car manufacturer who issued the new car. This opportunity to launch a model used Nissan D50 Venucia for China automotive market.

“The launch of D50 is the first step to kiami. Each year will come from new products Venucia, “beber Dongfen Deputy Director, Ren Yong, in the quotation in Inautonews.

Furthermore, this is a company Venucia combination of Nissan Motor Company (NMC) with Dongfeng Motor Group. For D50 models equipped with 1.6-liter engine with global manufacturing standards. Formulated in the Zhengzhou area with price 67800-83800 yuan.

Venucia hundred outlets spread across the Bamboo Curtain country. In the next five years Venucia able to sell one million units in China domestic market.

In addition to launching Venucia D50, Nissan Leaf has also launched an e-based concept to be built in China under the brand Venucia 2015. Nissan hopes to reach sales of 300,000 units per year with a target of five models and 250 outlets by 2015.

Nissan Cima Price and Feature – Nissan introduced a new car specifically for the Japanese automotive market, the Nissan Cima. The plan Cima went on sale in Japan on May 21 next, and priced USD90.000.

Although the exchange rate of the Yen against the U.S. dollar continued to strengthen, Nissan Cima fixed target of 1,000 units annually. Thus was launched the autoevolution.

In Japan, Nissan Cima comes with a hybrid version with a 3.5-liter V6 engine that can develop the power of 306 horsepower at 6,800 rpm and 350 Nm of torque at 5000 rpm. With the incorporation of an electric motor can generate power 68 HP and 270 Nm of torque.

The engine is mated to a seven-speed manual transmission and automatic. In addition, Cima is also supported with high safety features, such as Control Assist, Intelligent Cruise Control, Lane Depture Prevention, Warning Depture Lane.

Furthermore, the Nissan Cima is expected to be able to compete with other luxury sedan in Japan. This is also due to Japan’s Nissan, Nissan Infiniti does not sell. So Cima is a mainstay of Nissan cars in Japan.

Nissan GT-R Track Pack – Nissan brings sporty sedan variant GT-R Track Pack on British soil. Nissan GT-R Track Pack will be priced from 74 450 Pound Sterling.

The price offered by Japanese manufacturers is 10 thousand pound more expensive than the standard version of the GT-R. Nissan GT-R Track Pack was first introduced to the public at the end of 2011 then.

As described Nissan GT-R Track variants of this Pack is oriented to a sports model. Design body kit and the car was pinned sporty package. GT-R Track Pack uses a sports suspension, new front spoiler with carbon materials, air brakes and alloy bars of six rays.

The interior also got a touch to be balanced with the exterior. Front and rear seat using the seat with the brand Recaro racing models.

Nissan GT-R Track Pack uses a capacity of 3.8 liter V6 engine with twin turbo. This machine is spewing out a total output of 542 horsepower with torque of 632 Nm top, just like the regular model.

Nissan GT-R Track Pack is able to record the maximum acceleration from 0 to 62 mph (100 km / h) in just 2.8 seconds. Nissan confirms GT-R Track Pack will only be available in Japan and the UK.

Nissan Patrol Simpson Limited Edition – In order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Nissan Patrol Simpson, a Japanese automobile manufacturer, Nissan, officially released the limited edition variant Patrol for Simpson. This car was only produced 500 units and will be launched for the first Australian automotive market.

First, the Nissan Patrol was introduced in 1972 Simpson ago. Every year is always a good change of body and machine, this time, Patron Simpson limited edition equipped with 3.0-liter turbo diesel that can develop 118kW of power at 3,600 rpm and 354 Nm of torque at 2,000 rpm.

Anniversary version is given additional accessories such as satellite navigation system with Hema 4WD, front grill and hood protector, redesigned and the wheel cover is made ​​of stainless steel.

Furthermore, this limited edition Simpson Patrol went on sale the second week of this month. For the price, five-speed manual version priced USD56.990 and for the five-speed automatic version starts USD59.990.

Furthermore, the Nissan Patrol Simpson will compete with the Toyota Land Cruiser, Land Rover Discovery, Mitsubishi Pajero, and Volkswagen Touareg. Thus was launched Caradvice

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